The Seran Lake in Banjarbaru South Kalimantan

Seran Lake (Danau Seran) is a lake located in Banjarbaru in Guntung Manggis District. To get to that location from Banjarmasin, after passing Jl A. Yani then go to Jl. Trikora. After that, go to Jl. Danau Seran. Otherwise you could type the keyword Chik n Go Danau Seran in Google Maps. The road is quite good, so it can be passed by motorcycle or car.

When arriving at the location of Seran Lake , every motorcycle that enters parking area should pay IDR 5,000 and pay more for cars. When entering the tourist location, every visitor is required to pay IDR 5,000.

There are so many people selling there. There is also a dining place located on the lake. To reach it, there is a small bridge for walking decorated with umbrellas.

The food in the floating shop is quite affordable. There are fresh vegetables, fried rice and juices. Visitors can order food there while enjoying the lake view.

The water in Seran Lake is very clear. The green plants at the bottom of the lake are clearly visible. It made the one who see it wants to jump to enter. Even so, the water of Seran Lake is not shallow.

Across the lake is a small island. If you want to cross there, you can take a boat by paying IDR 5,000. If you want to get around the lake and enjoy the view from the boat, you should pay IDR 10.000.

For those who want photographs, there are many places with good views. Among them is the background writing of Danau Seran and the lake with the island behind it. You can also take pictures with the hanging umbrellas on the bridge.

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