Bekantan Statue in Banjarmasin South Kalimantan

Bekantan is a long-nosed monkey and a typical animal of South Kalimantan. Its rare presence causes it to be one of the protected animals.

As a typical animal of South Kalimantan, there is a statue of bekantan in Banjarmasin. The location is on the banks of the Martapura River.

The bekantan statue was built facing in the direction of the river. It is holding duku fruit.

Around the statue, visitors can take pictures and enjoy the view of the river.

There are many boats. Some are selling food that tourists can enjoy.
Bekantan Statue in Banjarmasin

This many boats also be rented by visitors to enjoy the river tours. They can go down the Martapura River to the Barito river and go to Kembang Island and Kaget Island.

Kembang Island is a delta in the middle of Barito River. This island is the island of the monkeys. Kaget Island is the island of bekantan.

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As the mascot of South Kalimantan, the visitors who come to Banjarmasin should go to Bekantan Statue in Banjarmasin.

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Interesting. Very interesting. Not the Bekantan but to know that you write also in English. Very well indeed.

You should keep continuing writing like this and definitely, your future is bright.

Thank you, sir. I never expect that you will come to this blog. I try to practice my English in this blog. It's still a long way for me.